The following poem is inspired by musings on my practice of making and readings by Anthropologist Tim Ingold such as The Textility of Making


———————— Walking is like making

The next step

because of the one before it, the way it is.

and before,

and before…

A process of following and becoming

Always varied, like an open line,

no beginning or end,

just moving, simply being

There isn’t A or B:

It’s the inbetween.

This is it

The path widens, curves

Can you see it through the fog?

Today, mud

Tomorrow, dust

Wind in your eyes, diffused sun

or sunburnt and breezy?

Up, down, repeat

It may look the same,

but never is —————————————

Image from  Being Alive  by Tim Ingold

Image from Being Alive by Tim Ingold