Spine Negligence

The burden of gravity:

A constant pressure, always down

on the crooked spine,

how dense the body’s

membrane, tissue, marrow

feel under the skin.

Heavy, heavy body

exhausted by laws of physics.

Shoulders slant, weary

neck strains, leaning right

off balance, the hips tighten

brain pushes on skull,

aching tendons scream,

knees crumble, creek

tongue rub roof of mouth,

arches of feet worn flat,

dry leather skin of hands,

broken toes, never healed,

vibrating, nauseous,

pulled down, a magnet in the gut,

a magnet in the ground,

a weight tied to the rib cage,

hunched, fetal,

negligent of the muscles and blood movement.

Disintegrate the spirit of gravity,

fly, align, connect

free the body from the pull of the earth,

and the oppressive laws of physics.