Clarity (How Fleeting)

I observe with

the fringes of the peripheral illuminated.


Studying in depth:

the curve of each blade of grass

(overgrown and wild),


the movement of each branch

(orchestrated with the rest in an intuitive dance),


the unique and unifying texture of each brick in the building

(raw evidence of the hands that laid them),


the organized pattern of the ants on the sidewalk

(one by one carrying and marching),


Oh, the unifying breath of the world!

(I want to breathe with you).


Complex combinations of sounds, mysterious and layered infinitely:

midday highway with flowing fountain

echoed by hushed voices and

my own gentle noises

(a humbling reminder of the systems of the body).


Understanding the macro and micro,

their homogeneous existence

(my momentary enlightenment mirroring the power of the sun).

The halcyon view agitated with energy

vibrates my retina

and leaves me inspired, in awe.


For only a momentary glance I experience this beauty

(it happens all the time).

The world becomes more flat, hazy, desaturated with every blink

but I can feel the truth lingering in my bones.