The World is Linked Together Like a Chain

Idling bus fills lungs with

     the taste of exhaust

           while caffeinated brains lead stiff bodies through

               routined commutes.

Skin blinded by white sunlight bouncing from

     reflective glass to

          neon orange-yellow-green to

               chrome coated feats of civilization.

Rubber soles of apathetic egos litter

     the bleached concrete,

          melting in the heat of

               success and productivity.

Underneath, unappreciated sewage systems

     where dinner dishes and morning showers

          flow ceaselessly in a river of mysterious brown-green


Patterns of weekday worry

     methodically following the footsteps of the day before,

          and the week before,

               and the month beforeā€¦

Asphalt, concrete

     disintegrate, crumble

          from the stress of the earth, desiring to shed its man-made crust

               and to consume human ingenuity in its molten core